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Frequently Asked Question FAQ

  1. Where is this hospital located?

    This hospital is situated in the high level road between Pettah and Maharagama, closer to Navinna Junction facing High level Road. If you are traveling from Pettah, yo can reach this hospital by any bus plying on route no 138 passing Maharagama, that is Kottawa, Homagama, Ingiriya. If you are coming from Pilyandala or Kesbawa Junction, you may come to Maharagama Junction and get into any bus going towards Pettah and get down near the hospital. If you are traveling from the South you may come to Maharagama on the Southern Expressway and get into any bus going towards Pettah.

  2. Are there arrangements to channel any consultant doctor?

    At present there are over 40 medical specialists seeing patients here and their names are annexed herewith.

  3. Has arrangements been made to consult any eye specialist from the eye hospital?

    Eye specialists attached to eye hospitals and other hospitals in the island come to our hospital for consultation and they also perform surgeries in our hospital. Their list of names are also annexed herewith.

    Further, well known “Vision Care” opticians of Ward Place Colombo 07 who does special scanning tests have established one of their branches in our hospital. Therefore you are able to avoid the traffic congestion on the way to the city and get the Vision Care Service made available to you. For your information we like to inform that you may undergo eye operations such as removal of cataract at a comparatively lower cost within our hospital.

  4. Are modern surgical facilities available in your hospital?

    In our hospital there are 3 modern surgical units in the 5th floor. The surgical units are mainly for surgeries relating to eye, major operations and to attend to wounds needing extra care. All surgeries are carried out by well experienced consultant surgeons and you have the opportunity of getting attended with a very much lower cost compared to city hospitals in Colombo. These consultant surgeons appear at the attached list.

  5. Does your hospital provide various types of advisory services for different people in the society?

    We do have special unit for services presently school children, University students, Youth and married couples are obtaining our advisory services. Name list of such consultants are also attached herewith.

  6. Are there facilities for x-rays and dental x-rays?

    We are equipped with ZIMATSU latest x-ray machine made in Japan which has the facility to give a digital image of all x-rays.

    Dental x-rays can be obtained with a very clear image. The above facilities are available on any day except Poya days. Our x-ray technicians who are well experienced and registered with the medical council will take utmost care when the x-rays are taken. Our x-ray room is subject to annual inspection by the national atomic energy authority.

  7. Is or are there facilities available for physiotherapy treatment available for Navinna Medicare hospital?

    There is an exclusive unit for physiotherapy treatment in our hospital. These treatments are available during the week days from 1.00 pm to 10.00 pm and during weekends from 10.00 am to 8.00 pm by the well experienced physiotherapists registered with the medical council of Sri Lanka.

    Further we do provide a specialized treatment for migraine patients. You may contact physiotherapist R P K Rajapaksha for further details in the following number.

  8. Is your hospital staffed with adequately experienced medical officers?

    We are equipped with a team of well experienced medical officers who have served in government hospitals and they are available 24 hours throughout the day. They are under direct supervision of Dr. Sarath Ratnayake.

  9. Is it possible to obtain medical facilities in your hospital without making any monetary payments by the medical insurance scheme members?

    We are pleased to announce that we provide medical facilities to treat all medical insurance policy holders and members of other government institutions to obtain medical facilities without any cash payments. A list of names of these institutions are attached herewith.

  10. Can treatment be obtained for pimples and blackheads and other skin problems?

    We do have two skin clinics per week. These clinics are attended by well- known dermatologists from Colombo. The names are annexed herewith. You may make appointments through e-channeling to consult these doctors.

  11. What are the specialized services instilled in your institution for heart patients?

    In addition to the blood test carried out for detection of heart diseases in advance, we do use the equipment called halter monitor to obtain data for a 24 hour period and the facility to analyze such data. In addition to that we do exercise ECG and 2D echo scanning test. We employ experienced and skilled heart specialists for these tests. The name list is annexed herewith. Pretest preparation for alter monitor and exercise ECG tests are given in the annexure.

  12. Do you have the facility to carry out any blood tests in house?

    Our laboratory is open for 24 hours a day and equipped with modern machinery from Japan, Germany etc and we employ experienced medical laboratory technicians.

  13. Can blood transfusions be done in your hospital?

    Patients could get a blood transfusion done 24 hours of the day. This service can be obtained from our house officers.

  14. Can treatment be obtained for social diseases?

    You may obtain the services of our specialist doctors.

  15. Do you have the required facility for the early detection of non-epidemic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, obesity etc?

    We are pleased to inform that we have installed machinery to scan the entire body and we do have a pool of consultants for this service. Especially we do have chemotherapy treatment for the cancer patients. Our charges for this service are very much less than the private hospitals in Colombo city.

  16. Most of the pharmacies are closed for customers after 8.00 or 9.00 pm. Do you have a pharmacy to serve external patients?

    We do have a pharmacy in the ground floor for the service of external patient from 7.30 am to 12.30 am including on Poya days. You may buy any drug at the government controlled price.

  17. Do you have the facility to provide food for indoor patients?

    We do have a modern equipped kitchen for preparation food for indoor patients. It is run by experienced cooks and you also have the ability to order your requirements. We provide the opportunity for you to taste a quality and tasty meal.

  18. For the treatment of indoor patients, what sort of ward and room facilities are available and at what price?

    In our hospital we do have 2 separate wards for males and females consisting of 24 beds each. We have about 30 rooms with modern facilities such as tv, telephone etc. These luxury rooms are also equipped with Jacuzzi water therapy facilities. As you enter 3rd, 4th and 5th floors in our hospital you feel that you have entered a theater. You have the option of not taking the hospital food when you are in a ward. Our room charges are very much less compared to the charges in Colombo. The annexure gives the details of room charges.

  19. How do we guarantee the cleanliness of your hospital?

    We do have a team of experienced cleaning staff who’s service is overlooked by a supervisor and our service is carried out in accordance with the instructions and rules of the environmental authority. All rooms and wards are facilitated with good ventilation methods.

  20. Do we have facilities for orthopedic surgery?

    All orthopedic and arthroscopy surgery can be performed by experienced surgeons in our hospital.