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24 Hour O.P.D. unit

24 Hour O.P.D. unit

The OPD observation Unit  Unit provides care for patients with conditions which can be treated without the need for an overnight stay in hospital.

If you are a patient in this  Unit you will receive the same medical treatment as you would receive as an inpatient. You will not be admitted as an inpatient, however you will still have access to the same calibre of medical and nursing care that you would experience on one of our wards. You will be able to return home and if further treatment is required you will be asked to return to the unit to receive this. 

On arrival you will have an initial assessment within 15 minutes by a nurse, doctor or advanced nurse practitioner. You may have a range of investigations and treatments arranged. The aim is to ensure you are able to return home safely.

The observation Unit has all necessary equipment for monitoring the condition of patients: beds, devices and trained staff .  If necessary, patients are consulted by medical specialists and hospitalized to inpatient unit.Our experienced physicians are dedicated to providing high quality, patient centered care.

If you are not happy with the care that we are providing please ask for the nurse in charge. We want to be able to answer and address your questions and concerns as soon as possible and improve your experience, or that of your relative, while you are here.

Your feedback will also help us improve the experience of other patients.

If you are having a good experience on our ward we would also like to hear from you.

Opening times: 24/7 service that is available any time and, usually, every day.


OPD unit is designed for patients who arrive themselves . Nawinna Medicare Hospitals  OPD is located on the 1st Floor, and provides a convenient way of obtaining health services for walk in patients with minor illnesses.sometimes examinations are performed in two place - either OPD doctor’s room or the ward .OPD consist  modern medical instruments and consumables. Also well trained and qualified staff including medical officers.OPD services will be open for 24 hours a day Thus We  offer services for minor surgical procedures  in the OPD . 

Our  OPD services include primary care requirements such as nebulizations, Injection drips, dressings, suturing, catheterization, injections (intramuscular and intravenous) , X-Ray and laboratory  facilities .


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